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Taxi Casablanca Safi

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    Taxi from Casablanca to Safi

    Morocco Transfer

    The transfer from Casablanca to Safi offers a serene journey along Morocco’s picturesque Atlantic coast. Departing from the vibrant cityscape of Casablanca, travelers embark on a scenic drive southward, tracing the coastline dotted with charming fishing villages and rugged cliffs. As the journey unfolds, the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean provide a soothing backdrop to the road trip. Upon arrival in Safi, travelers are greeted by the town’s relaxed ambiance and rich history as a prominent port city.

    From exploring the historic medina with its pottery workshops to admiring the imposing Portuguese sea fortress that overlooks the town, Safi invites visitors to immerse themselves in its coastal charm and cultural heritage. Whether indulging in freshly caught seafood or simply enjoying the tranquility of the coastal landscape, the transfer from Casablanca to Safi promises a memorable escape along Morocco’s enchanting coastline.

    Price Includes

    • Point to point : Pick Up + Drop Off
    • Private transportation in minivan for 1 day
    • All expenses of car and driver for entire route
    • Experienced English speaking driver or driver with separate English speaking guide
    • Stop along the ways to witness the views and the stunning landscapes!
    • Fuel and tolls for entire route

    Price Excludes

    • All meals (drinks - Lunches ) not specified as included.
    • Any Private Expenses & Optional Activities
    • Entrance Fees for Sights
    • Gratuities & All Flight Tickets

    Itinerary of: Casablanca to Safi Transfer

    Casablanca to Safi Taxi


    Embarking on a transfer from Casablanca to Safi unveils a scenic journey through Morocco’s captivating coastal landscapes. Departing from the bustling streets of Casablanca, travelers venture southward along well-maintained highways, gradually leaving behind the urban sprawl for the tranquility of the Atlantic coast. En route, the journey offers picturesque views of the ocean, with rugged cliffs and sandy beaches lining the horizon. Along the way, a stopover in El Jadida presents an opportunity to explore its historic Portuguese fortifications and charming medina.

    Continuing towards Safi, the landscape transitions to rolling hills and verdant countryside, providing a serene backdrop for the journey. Upon arrival in Safi, visitors are greeted by the town’s relaxed atmosphere and rich cultural heritage. From exploring the vibrant souks and ancient ramparts to sampling fresh seafood at the bustling port, Safi offers a delightful blend of coastal charm and historical intrigue. Whether soaking in the panoramic views from the seafront promenade or immersing oneself in the town’s pottery-making tradition, the transfer from Casablanca to Safi promises an unforgettable journey along Morocco’s enchanting coastline.

    Map of: Private Taxi from Marrakech to Safi

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